Dare To Think Out Loud : The PAC Alliance


The People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) introduces the Anti-Socialists, a philosophical and ideological extension of the Anti-Federalists who existed during the implementation of the Constitution back in 1787. Today we are witnessing the logical conclusion of their concerns 230 years ago.

Suitably, we are proud to sponsor Dare To Think Out Loud. This broadcast, conducted in a round table, think tank format, is hosted by The PAC Alliance. The Dare Panel discusses the orchestrated problems we are seeing and remedies for individuals and the several States with featured guests appearing time-to-time.

• LB Bork, founder of PAC and author of The Red Amendment - LB's Book Site : redamendment.net
• Mike Gaddy, historian, researcher, and writer - Mike's Web Site/Blog : rebelmadman.com
• John Brisson, researcher and podcast host - John's YouTube Channel : We'veReadTheDocuments
• Dave Scorpio, host of Scorpio's Conspiracy Show - Dave on Freedom Slips : freedomslips.com

Dare To Think Out Loud airs on Revolution Radio in Studio A,
Fridays at 12 to 2pm EST. Join the Panel at : www.freedomslips.com

• Information about PAC on PDF : www.pacinlaw.us/bottomline
• The PAC Unification Project on PDF : www.pacinlaw.us/unify